The faculty envisions strengthening and enhancing the existing teaching and research program in the department and upgrading with the international academic standards, by adopting a process of accreditation from globally recognized entities. It intends to prepare scholars and graduates in the field of social anthropology and to add up to the human resource and health foster think tanks for national/ international organizations requiring ideas and advice on issues related to social sciences and particularly about social anthropology.

To achieve this vision following steps will be taken:

1.   Increase collaboration with foreign academic institutions to build knowledge based economy;

2.   To share the ongoing research activities and the findings with the foreign universities and organize seminars and conferences;

3.   Increase collaboration with national and international organizations, private sectors, relevant stake holders to foster links for the professional growth of faculty and students. It will provide opportunity to enhance the applied side of anthropology;

4.   To promote innovative ideas and technology to overall strengthen the academic capabilities of the faculty and the students;

5.    Develop new courses and revision of the existing curriculum.

6.   Opening up content and discourse processes of various academic courses for peer reviews and accreditation.