MSc Courses


Compulsory Courses: 27 Credit Hours
Optional Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Field Work & Seminar: 12 Credit Hours
Thesis & Comprehensive Exam: 06 Credit Hours

Compulsory Courses | Optional Courses | Compulsory Field Work

MSc Optional Courses (3 Credit Hours each)

A-309  Medical Anthropology

A-310  Peasant Studies

A-311  Anthropology of Population Studies

A-312  Anthropology of Middle East

A-313  Anthropology of Science & Technology

A-314  Anthropology of Arts

A-315  European Societies

A-317  Urban Anthropology

A-318  Dynamics of Social Change

A-319  Physical Anthropology

A-320  Anthropology of Knowledge& Education

A-321  Comparative Anthropology

A-322  Psychological Anthropology

A-323  Ethnomusicology

A-324  Anthropology Media

A-325  Women and Development

A-326  Ethnology of Pakistan

A-327  Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory

A-328  Anthropology of Food and Nutrition

A-329  Global Anthropology

A-330  Computer Applications in Anthropology

A-331  Anthropology of Human Resource Development

A-332  Introduction to Social Statistics