M. Phil/ Ph. D Courses


Compulsory Courses: 27 Credit Hours
Optional Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Field Work & Seminar: 12 Credit Hours
Thesis & Comprehensive Exam: 06 Credit Hours

Compulsory Courses | Optional Courses

M.Phil/Ph.D Compulsory Courses (3 Credit Hours each)

A-604  Anthropology and Development

A-605  Anthropological Linguistics

A-606  Demographic Anthropology

A-607  Environmental anthropology and Human Geography

A-608  Gender Studies

A-609  Narrative Studies

A-610  Power and Governance

A-611  Prehistory of South Asia

A-612  Production and Exchange

A-613  Visual Anthropology & Anthropology of Sond

A-614  Tribal and Peasant communities of Asia

A-615  Folklore Theory& Techniques

A-616  Field Work & Seminar

A-617  Thesis & Viva-Voce