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  1. Bakhsh, R., Khan, S. and Chaudhry, W. (2012), Nature and Extent of Disaster Managemnt in Balochistan: A case study of Basti Rehmatan Baghao, District Barkhan. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
  2. Chaudhry, W. (2011) Water Users Associations in Pakistan: Institutional, organizational and participatory aspects. VDM Publishing House Ltd, Germany
  3. Chaudhry, W. and Waheed, S. (1997), Globalization of the Concept of Participation in the Process of Development: Handing over the stick (in German), in: Afrikanisch-Asiatische Studentenförderung e.V. (Hrsg.), Globalisierung der Wissenschaft: Süden-Forschung im Norden, Jahr Buch 1997, IKO – Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Frankfurt.
  4. Waheed, S. and Chaudhry, W. (1997), Economic Evaluation of the Globalization of the Grameen Bank Concept, The Problem of Balance between Savings and Credits (in German), in: Afrikanisch-Asiatische Studentenförderung e.V. (Hrsg.), Globalisierung der Wissenschaft: Süden-Forschung im Norden, Jahr Buch 1997, IKO – Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Frankfurt.



  1. Nawaz, M., Nasir, M., Ali, A & Chaudhry, W. (2011) “Trade Liberalization and Child Labor: A case study of Pakistan”. Transition Studies Review, Vol. 18/2011
  2. Chaudhry, W. (2010) “Gaps and Issues in Volunteer Management: Evidences from Civil Society Organizations”. Journal of Gender and Social Issues, Vol. 9, No. 2, Autumn 2010
  3. Bhatti, A.S., Ali, A., Nasir, M., Waheed Iqbal (2008) Impact of Democracy, Political Instability and Policy Uncertainty on Private Investment: A case Study of Pakistan. Forman Journal of Economic Studies. Vol 4, 2008 (January-December) pp. 87-101
  4. Chaudhry W. (2006) “Issues of Ethics in Research”. NGORC Journal, Quarterly on Civil Society Enhancement, Issue 1, Vol. 7, April 2006, pp 16-18


Papers submitted for publication:
  1. Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Waheed Chaudhry and Aneela Sultana: Secularism and Religion: Muslim Perspective. Submitted to Taxila Institute
  2. Waheed Chaudhry and Tooba Rafi: Witchcraft to witch lore: A transformation in concepts and practices. Submitted to Taxila Institute
  3. Rahim Bakhsh Khetran, Sarfraz Khan and Waheed Chaudhry: Indigenous knowledge, early warning system and Disaster Management: A case study of Khetran Community in Baluchistan, Pakistan.  Submitted to FJWU
  4. Aneela Sultana, Waheed Chaudhry and Amna Mushtaq: Beyond the ontology of ‘Dance’ as an art: An anthropological analysis of female stage performers. Submitted to NIHCR
Papers under process:
  1. Representation of Woman’s Body and Pakistani Cinema: A case study of Rawalpindi city
  2. Determinants of Career Aspirations: The Role of Socio-Cultural Dynamics
  3. Socio-cultural Implications of Gender in Access to Justice: Ethnographic evidences from a Potohari Village of Pakistan
Papers awaited from:
  1. Abdul Rasheed: Practices, constraints and opportunities for the local philanthropists in Districts Rawalpindi
  2. Manzoor Ahmed: Culture profile of female headed households in Urban Areas
  3. Mohammad Haroon: Change in social organization and its effects on patterns on voting
  4. Sabir Khan: Transitional perspective of traditional Jirga system in NWFP: A Case Study of District Peshawar
  5. Mohammad Shafiq: Dynamics of gambling: A study of socio-economic determinants of compulsive gambling
  6. Tabassum Rehmani: Analysis of Post Earthquake Reconstruction Process and its impact on Family
  7. Asaad Hussain: Socio-economic impact of conflict on sustainable development of Swat
  8. Kamran Aziz: Maintenance and assimilation of ethnic identity in an urban setting: (A case study of an immigrant Baloch tribe settled in a town of southern Punjab)
  9. Mohammad Ishaq: Impact of Reconstruction on the earthquake affected business community (A case study of Balakot)
  10. Maria Ali: Impact of post earthquake reconstruction on gender roles: A case study of District Balakot of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa
  11. Asim Hussain: Struggling for traditionality; identity construction through education: a case study of IDPs in District Tank
  12. Zubair Ahmed: Environment and change: a cultural discourse
  13. Habbat Shah: War economy and weaponisation of society: a case study of Loralai District
  14. M. Suleman Ejaz: Cultural concept of Masculanity in Kot Sultan of District Layyah
  15. Rashid Ali Shah Kazmi: Situation of interfaith harmony: causes and consequences